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Illuminate Your Message Using Content Marketing Tools From Business Wire

The Business Wire News Capsule and the Business Wire Picture Capsule, powered by NextWorks, bring content together to tell a comprehensive story about your brand, product or service in a single self-contained content marketing capsule. Please fill out the form at right, and we'll get in touch with more information on features, availability and pricing.

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  • Provides a digital platform that houses videos, photos, press releases, presentations, documents, graphics and links to produce a dynamic, interactive content marketing tool.
  • Highlights your organization with customized layout and branding.
  • Boosts brand recognition, engagement, sharing and interaction with your audience by giving them a single point of access to content and social media networks.
  • Allows sharing across multiple social channels within a self-contained embeddable capsule.
  • Displays with your press release on

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  • Every picture becomes a powerful interactive content marketing tool.
  • Icons are placed on top of digital images allowing for multiple points of interaction.
  • Overlay technology provides access to links and content, including photos, videos, transactions, links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media network profiles.
  • Promotes engagement and sharing with your audience within a fully contained, embeddable unit that travels across multiple channels.
  • Displays with your press release on